Flat Fortnight

In 2016 Flat Friends UK launched our own #allwoman campaign to promote a more realistic and positive image of life after breast cancer surgery.

This was followed in 2019 with our first ‘Flat Fortnight’. ‘Living Flat’ remains an outcome rarely promoted by anyone other than Flat advocates. So, our focus for Breast Cancer Awareness Month will continue to be the women living positively without reconstruction.
You are not the only one. The woman whose story you have heard is not the only one. There is no single story about living flat.

Figures suggest that two thirds of women who have a mastectomy do not have reconstruction[1]. Yet, women who are living flat can be made to feel like they are the only one. It would also be easy to believe that the handful of stories you have seen in the media must be the only ones worth reading about.

[1] National Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Audit, 2011, The NHS Information Centre.

Living Flat

Flat Fortnight

Flat Friends UK started the ‘Flat Fortnight’ campaign for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2019 because we believe that living flat is not portrayed as a positive outcome and should get the focus it deserves. Flat Fortnight runs from 1st -14th October every year.

Look out for:
#AllWoman Spreading positive body images and highlighting the very true qualities of women after mastectomy without reconstruction. Women in and from the UK will share photos of themselves which make them proud to be living unilaterally or bilaterally flat, whether they wear prostheses or not.

#NotTheOnlyOne Focusing on women’s lives and experiences. We publish guest blogs which focus on women ‘living flat’ – sharing different choices, untold stories, and unheard voices. Not The Only One aims to broaden the narrative and allow us all to put more faces (and bodies) to the word ‘Flat’.

Flat Friends launches #allwoman social media campaign
#allwoman campaign

Flat Friends’ annual #allwoman campaign has been promoting a more realistic and positive image of life after mastectomy since 2016. Our popular campaign for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month focuses on women’s lives, and not their breasts, and runs from throughout Flat Fortnight.

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It is important that women facing or living with mastectomy without reconstruction know that living without one or both breasts does not have to limit their experiences as a woman. Healthcare professionals, society and the media can also see that women who have had a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction can live happy, fulfilling lives.
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