Flat Friend Kayla goes on Record

Flat Friend Kayla goes on Record

Kayla talked to Jenny Morrison at the Daily Record recently about dealing with breast cancer the second time around.

In an article entitled “Brave mum Kayla says women shouldn’t live in fear of cancer as she fights disease for second time” Kayla, 32, is upbeat having completed treatment again 11 years after her first breast cancer.

Jenny writes “rather than feeling shattered by the second diagnosis, Kayla is more positive than ever. And as she looks forward to enjoying every second of life, she wants to encourage other people diagnosed with cancer not to live their lives in fear.

Kayla said: “For 11 years, I worried and lived in fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer again. Now when I look back, I can see every bit of that worry was just wasted energy. Worrying does no good and makes no difference.

To be told the thing I had been afraid of for all those years had actually happened was awful, but at the same time, I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. Yes, I had breast cancer again, but thankfully it hadn’t spread and I knew I could get through the treatment because I had done it before. Now I’m just determined to get on with enjoying life and I’m not going to waste a minute worrying about things that I can do nothing about.

As part of her treatment, Kayla had surgery to remove both breasts. She decided against reconstruction and has no regrets about her new body shape. Kayla added: “I asked my surgeon to take both breasts away, which isn’t what usually happens. I just felt I didn’t need or want them any more – they had twice tried to kill me. And having peace of mind is more important than having breasts.”

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