Thank You for the Garden Party…

Thank You for the Garden Party…

We all appreciate the help and support of friends when times are tough, and coping with treatments for breast cancer is no exception. So when its all over and life gradually returns to its new normal, it’s nice to be able to say thank you to all those who helped make a difference. Which is exactly what Mary-Anne Darlow did a few weeks ago.

Mary-Anne has been a Flat Friend since her mastectomy last November, going on to do the rounds of both chemo and radiotheraphy which she finally finished at the end of May this year.

“I finally began to feel as if I was getting my life back on track” she said. “We had had such fantastic support from the village generally that we felt we wanted to thank everyone and celebrate the end of my treatment so planned a party for August 27th. I found it really difficult to restrict numbers as support came in many different forms, from food deliveries, transport to chemotherapy, flowers, cards and many messages of support with offers of help if required. I can honestly say I never felt alone.”

Mary-Anne and her family refused any help for the party – this was her way of giving back and saying a big thank you. But she did have a tiny trick or two up her sleeve, as her email to her guests explained…

“As we have planned tomorrow to show our appreciation for all the support we have received over the last year we are providing food and drink, no contributions necessary. We have also been supported by a charity called Flat Friends, and would like to raise some money for them to continue their good work and would appreciate anything you would like to put in the pot towards this aim”

The first of what would be fifty-five guests started arriving at midday, and the last left at 8.00pm after a glorious afternoon lazing in the garden with food, drink, and music provided by a friend.

“I decided against a raffle” Mary-Anne told us “and just opted to have a pot in a prominent position with Flat Friends information around it. As luck would have it many people arrived with flowers so we made it the flower table and people just put money in during the day and by the end of the afternoon we had collected £320!! People also took away information about Flat Friends, and I did a bit of advertising about Knitted Knockers too, much to every-ones amusement!! A great time was had by all and hopefully we raised some awareness.”

We think you did great, Mary-Anne, and here’s a big thanks from us to you and all your friends for such generosity!


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