Not The Only One – Rosemary: Double flat notes
Double flat notes

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine scan, I had stage one ductal carcinoma and DCIS. I had a left mastectomy and was offered reconstruction, but I declined, I then went on to have the right breast removed, as a prophylactic surgery. I knew from day one that I didn’t want reconstruction and wanted to remain flat. Being a professional saxophonist I found it actually helped having no breasts in terms of holding the sax more comfortably, plus keeping fit is easier too without breasts!

As a musician I am performing and in the public eye; I’ve always been confident in having no breasts. I don’t wear prosthesis or try and cover up in any way. I know being flat isn’t for everyone but for me it was the perfect option.

To hear Rosemary’s story watch this brilliant interview about her breast cancer diagnosis, deciding against breast reconstruction, raising awareness, and the importance of peer support.

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