Sue Makes the Leap
Sue Makes the Leap

I’ve always wanted to do a tandem jump but never made the time. Then I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. No matter how much you try to stay the same person, it changes you. Your body and your mind. I went through treatment and had a single mastectomy with no reconstruction. My body’s been through enough operations and trauma, I didn’t want any more. Besides, I’m still me, just with one boob instead of two. So, fast forward three years, treatment done and on the slow road to recovery. Now I’m not wasting my time talking about things, I’m getting them done!

Although I funded my own jump as a gift to myself, I did take the opportunity to raise a few pennies for the fabulous Flat Friends UK. These ladies were there for me every step of the way throughout my operation and treatment and even now when I’m having a wobble. What better way to reward their support than to raise some money to help more ladies. It will help produce booklets and literature amongst other things to keep supporting ladies like m..

I finally did my jump, with The Red Devils no less! Absolutely fantastic! What better way to celebrate being alive than throwing yourself out of a plane at 13,000 FT! Brilliant!
‘A Few Pennies’

Sue’s supporters donated £815.95…that’s £1002.20 with Gift Aid! To find out more about how your donations and fundraising can help women living flat after mastectomy, and those facing that decision, please check out our Fundraising Page.

Be inspired to make the leap!
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