Sue: Smiling after cancer
Smiling after cancer

“Chop it off! Don’t mess about with this, just chop it off”. I made my decision in my head years ago, if I ever had breast cancer the boobs would go. I think having that thought for such a long time helped prepare me for the reality of having ones boob ‘chopped off’. I joked with my surgeon that I wanted a nice smiley scar so even my body was smiling when I beat cancer. I don’t regret it for a second. It tried to kill me, it had to go!

Living as a uniboober isn’t always easy. I don’t wear a fake breast so getting clothes to sit right is a bit of a mission sometimes but I’ve never regretted it. I never hide myself from my family and always win the ‘who’s got the biggest scar?’ competition. I see it as a victory scar, a sign of strength, what I’m prepared to do to stay here for my kids and family. I’m hoping to send the other one to the great boob heaven next year and live life totally flat.

This photo was taken not long after chemo finished and I was treated to the Greatest Showman Tour by an amazing friend. It was my first proper outing as a uniboober and it felt great to be out in the world again.

Boobs don’t define us, they don’t make us any more or less beautiful or attractive by being there or not and I for one, am a proud uniboober and not afraid to show it. I personally cannot thank Flat Friends enough for being such a loving, supporting and friendly bunch of ladies who have inspired me to share some of my story with you.

Sue x

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