Flat Friends rock at London Fashion Show

Flat Friends rock at London Fashion Show
Flat Friends from all over the UK gathered in London on Wednesday to cheer and support three beautiful Flat Friend members modelling on the catwalk of the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show London 2016. Rachel Ferry, who modelled at the show in Wales earlier this year, talks emotionally about the experience:

“We were there. The shows were outstanding, full of emotion and atmosphere. We whooped and cheered loudly every time a Flat Friend confidently strutted down the catwalk. At the evening show we were seated with the husband of one of the models we didn’t know, well that soon changed! It turned out she was also living without reconstruction, we bonded immediately and soon she was part of our group. Throughout the afternoon and evening word had spread about Flat Friends UK and we spoke to other ladies who also wanted to join our group. It was literally a magical day. Hugs, tears, laughter, dancing. Meeting old and new friends. Those of us at the evening show had a chance to meet a few celebrities who we could share the story of Flat Friends with, including Denise Lewis, Cherie Blair, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langford. They were so supportive and interested in our charity and the work we are doing. The models were amazing, the supporters had a fabulous time, we created memories to last a lifetime. We really hope to have Flat Friends UK represented at every Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show in future. Sally Anne modelled in the 2015 London Show, I was in the Wales 2016 Show, yet this is just the beginning. It’s so important that other women living without reconstruction realise they are not alone. We are all #allwoman women!”

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