Our new favourite number: 1168730

Our new favourite number: 1168730

The trustees are very proud to announce that Flat Friends was granted Registered Charity status today. This will enable us to continue our work to promote living without reconstruction after mastectomy as a positive surgical option.

Gilly Cant, who founded the Facebook support group which has become such a haven to hundreds of women seeking help and advice in facing or living with mastectomy without reconstruction, said today:

“I am so proud and happy, I cried when I got the news! This means so much to us all at Flat Friends, it gives us a strong and credible foundation to begin our work in earnest. There is much that needs to change in the whole conversation around surgical options for breast cancer, so many women share stories where they do not feel listened to, and there’s a complete lack of balanced information from the NHS or major charities. We’re going to change that. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s helped us so far – our trustees and all the amazing women of Flat Friends, and of course our Patrons Ash Subramanian, Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield and Lindsey Coulson who have been a tremendous support.”
Gilly Cant
Gilly Cant
Founder of Flat Friends

The Flat Friends closed group can be reached via the public Facebook page Flat Friends UK.


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