Sarah Coombes on BBC Look East

Sarah Coombes on BBC Look East

arah Coombes, one of our Trustees, was interviewed on BBC Look East in early October. Here’s her account of her appearance.

Breast cancer has created lots of firsts:

I started blogging.

I started being interested in fashion.

I became a trustee of a charity (Flat Friends UK!).

I ran a marathon.

I went to university.

And now I’ve been on live television!

On 4th October 2018 Flat Friends UK was featured on BBC Look East, and I was invited into the studio to take part in a live interview with Stewart White and Amelia Reynolds. Their Health Editor, Nikki Fox produced a beautiful short film which featured some of my Flat Friends who also live in West/North Norfolk. We spent a lovely morning at Vanilla Tree in Holt thanks to the hospitality of owner Lorraine, shopping for clothes and chatting about our experiences of having a mastectomy and living without reconstruction. At the studio I got to chat with Amelia and Stewart before going on set; they were both really interested in my decision to live flat, and the work Flat Friends UK is doing. Hopefully it shines through in the short film and interview that that living flat after a single or double mastectomy is a positive outcome.


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