#showyourscar – 7 Flat Friends in Sun photoshoot

We’re proud of our Mastectomy Scars

Seven of our lovely Flat Friends UK members joined together with The Sun newspaper for a photoshoot supporting the Twitter #showyourscar campaign. It began in response to M&S’s #showyourstrap which critics branded insensitive to women who’d had mastectomies and could not wear bras. #showyourscar encouraged them to post snaps of their scars instead.

THESE women wear the scars across their chests with pride.

It shows the world they are fighters taking on breast cancer.

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they agreed to be appear topless. Our inspiring eight are also baring their chests in support of the #ShowYourScar campaign on Twitter for breast cancer.

FOR some women, the effect of breast cancer on body image can be devastating, writes Dr EMMA PENNERY, clinical director at Breast Cancer Care.

“It’s great that these women are demystifying what breast cancer can do.

“Too many women lose confidence in their appearance and there are many reasons for this.

“Chemotherapy can cause hair loss or thinning hair on the head and face.

“Women can be left with one breast bigger than the other, or lop-sided breasts. There are, of course, women left with no breasts after surgery, or with different breasts.

“For many women, it is an onslaught to their femininity.

“Side effects from long-term treatments can cause them to have symptoms that mimic the menopause.

“And that is something that could affect their sexual relations.

“It’s great these women are revealing all and doing so with a smile.

“Hopefully it will boost the confidence of those going through treatments.”


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