Just Call Me Pancake…!!!

Extracts from the diary of Angie Bradford, who’s been a member of Flat Friends since May 2016, as she recovers from her second mastectomy last month…

Wednesday July 12: Wow things change fast in the world of me!!

So since my last blog I’ve been doing a huge amount of dogs and can’t keep with them all – but busy is always good! Both ponies are doing well they are both being jumped and schooled regularly so they will be amazing again soon, although to me they are always amazing.

I’ve completed my Duathlon [at Eton Dorney, in aid of Flat Friends] in a damn respectable 2hrs! Considering I did very little training I’m speechless I even finished it at all!!! Not only that I came home and rode both ponies 😂😂

I also heard last week that my surgery is in fact tomorrow so it’s been action stations to sort things out in a great rush before I’m rendered again incapable… But it means I will not have to worry about dealing with remaining Tallulah the Tit anymore whoop!! And it will make my holiday in September much easier as I can just go flat or strap a pair of tits on if I need ’em, lol.

Right I’m off for some zzzzzz before the big day as I have two ponies to ride first, lol, get it in while I still can!!!

Thursday July 13: Tallulah has left the building!!

So I am blogging for the first time as a full on flattie!! Just call me pancake 😂 I had my op at 2.30pm today 13th July in Theatre 13 – good job it’s my lucky number! Came round by 4.30pm although I have a recollection I was a bit spicey as all I heard whoah calm down a few times, oops!! But I still got tea and a choccie biscuit, lol, landed myself a private room again!! But alas after my dinner at 6pm I chilled for a bit, told I was staying – at 7.45pm lovely Registrar came round and discharged me! so I am tucked up in my own bed thankfully, no 30 min obs to keep me awake!!

Right I’m off to sleep now 💤💤💤with my new buddy Delilah the Drain…

Saturday July 15: Just call me pancake!!

So things I’ve found very bizarre….

Not having to find a bra in the mornings!
Being able to drink from bottles when laying down
No need to dry under your boob after a bath
Losing minimum 2lb from having ya tit lopped off, man, I’m surprised I wasn’t going round in circles 😂😂

Have to say things are much easier this time as it’s far less painful and I knew what to expect so was a bit more prepared I guess! Managed a shallow bath this morning and then the joy of emptying Delilah myself as district nurses have decided it’s down to me now for some reason?! They just call me and get the ml reading each day then I guess I will go back to docs to have it pulled out?!

I think it will be easier this time with driving etc as it seems way less restrictive than the last time. Which may be a bad thing as I’m sure I will try and do stuff too soon but I’m doing my best to behave 😇😇😇

Monday July 17: Whipping the arse off my recovery…

So my update is yesterday I got up rather quick, did my drain measuring 30ml whoop!! Went whizzing round a lake on a speedboat then saw my ponies, that made my day, then off to pub for dinner.

Today had nursie come to take out my drain in record time (last time it was 5 days)!! So Delilah has left the flat lmfao ,it was a complete blood bath, nursie wasn’t the best but it’s gone, that’s all I’m bothered about… the clear up after including washing all my clothes as it looked like I’d been stabbed – a minor detail as so much more comfy.

I have been sunning myself today but also just tested the water and went for a quick drive to the ponies, so another PB as it was a week and I struggled last time, today it was easy, whoop!! I think I’m just more in the know of how far I can go and what I can and can’t get away with. Granted I may bend the truth slightly when I go for my check up, but hey what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him eh? lol. But all is well and I’m looking forward to my first night without Delilah as I’m sure it will be more comfy and in a couple of days….. A shower! ahhhh it’s the little things that make me happy 😊

Thursday July 20: Small blip in the proceedings…

Well this time round it’s been a way easier journey. I have to say only one occasion have I tweaked it which was painful, I basically wanted to try laying on that side in bed and went about it a little soon, eek! that smarted, lol!

I’ve been seeing my ponies every day which keeps me busy and happy. I have worked out a way to tack up, apart from being able to put moody mare’s boots on as she leans her weight onto you and she is a large old girl!! But I’m happy I’m learning to adapt quicker this time.

I had a bit of a bad day yesterday with sweats, migraine and sickness – I can only assume it’s due to the restarting of the Tamoxifen on Monday and it’s come back in force!! I have vague recollection it messed about like this when I started it before, but wasn’t quite as bad – but today, bar being tired and having some hot sweats I’m all good🤗

Sunday July 23: Back in the saddle in record time!!

Well, this week I’ve been fine really, bar my blip the other day from my migraine. I’ve been driving daily – all fine, driven the landy (heavy steering) all ok today as well. I’m on to the advanced exercises which if I’m honest I’m finding really easy.

Today I broke all records and rode my pony after less than 10 days from surgery with no problems at all 🤗😇 it is the weirdest feeling to trot with no bounce! when you get off the horse no reverberation, and my body protector now fits easy! My only limitation really is I haven’t picked out their feet, as they might pull my chest if they lean on me, but other than that I’m all good.

Poo picking is now down to me as my buddy is away at the moment, so I have adapted things so I can complete my task – I have a trailer and borrowed a 4×4 so I now drive around the field scooping up the poop. I’m sure after a week or so I will be able to barrow it again, but at the moment I’m trying to behave 😂 well -ish…

I’m awaiting my van to come back from the graphics man after my wonderful chap decided to reverse into it. I have to say I think it’s useful it’s not here as I would be at work already if it was here. So this week I shall try and continue behaving but may have to bend the truth a bit when I see my consultant for my post op check tho 😇

Wednesday August 2: Post op check and PB!

Well I made it to my post op check in one piece… Mr L knew better than to ask what I had been up to, lol, bless him he doesn’t quite know how to cope with me but he does his best hee hee! Although I guess he doesn’t have many people introduce themselves as a pineapple pancake 😂😂 only me! I am like a veritable celebrity at that hospital, I’m sure they all think I’m nuts but I brighten their day which makes it worth while 😉

This Sunday I threw caution to the wind and had my first jump lesson since Twatty was poorly… Only 16 days after surgery so was a tad risky to say the least, but fortunately he looked after his mumsy and we had great fun.

I got the van back Weds last week and held off till this week to start dogs again. First day back I managed to get 5 done and drive the van to far flung places so I was quite happy with that….. Today I’m up to 7 – not quite up to capacity yet but getting there, bearing in mind less than 3 weeks on it ain’t half bad…

I was trying on new bikini sets I’ve bought for my coming hols in September. Tassel ones to cover up my lack of boob lol, as I was messing about I found some bikinis I bought before I was diagnosed but never got to wear – and discovered to my amazement, my surgeon made such a good job of my tit removal I can still wear them! the scars are so perfect they fit below the straps! I’m so chuffed, pretty much my only limitation is not a string bikini with triangles… I can live with that 😇

You can follow Angie’s blog at Biggest Fight Of My Life

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